Adding a Splash Message to your Mobile Apps

To edit the Splash Screen, select the Configuration menu on the left of your screen and click Splash Maintenance.

Note: If it does not appear for the user, please see Adding Admin Pages to an Admin Portal User.

Please note that changes to the Splash Message are done in a live environment, and that there is no way to preview how the message will display on your app at this time.To view the changes as you make them, you may need to submit the change, and then open the application to view the Splash Message.

There are three editable fields that alter the Splash settings:

Title – The title displays in a larger font above the main message.This field has a 25 character maximum, and is optional.This field is plain text only.

Message – The message is the content of the Splash Message. The maximum length may vary and is dependent upon the layout of your splash screen. This field is optional.Most Financial Institutions will find the character limit to be approximately 125 characters, but your use may vary.This field is plain text only and cannot contain hyperlinks or bullet lists.

Delay – This is the amount of time in seconds that the Splash Screen will display before beginning the load process for your application.This field is required and must be a whole number. Zero is a valid value for this field.

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