Version 4 Applications - FontAwesome Integration

The Font Awesome library has been incorporated into the Version 4 applications, making it possible to leverage a large selection of icons that will display consistently between Android and iPhone applications. As we have progressed with the Version 4 projects, we have found that, while many of these icons are irrelevant to our projects, there are several that can be applied throughout the applications to make a more consistent appearance between platforms.

These can be particularly handy if a customer speaks to the differences between Android and iPhone icons, as there are some differences. If you do not yet know how to add these icons in Version 4 applications, Ben will be happy to demonstrate how they are used. The full library of available icons for use in the apps can be found here:

FontAwesome Quick Hits:

  • Sign-In: f090
  • History: f1da
  • User Plus: f234
  • Users (group): f0c0
  • One User: f007
  • Phone: f095
  • Map Marker: f041
  • Map: f279
  • Map Pin: f276
  • Mobile Phone: f10b
  • Credit Card: f09d
  • Edit: f044
  • Pdf-O: f1c1
  • Exchange: f0ec (two straight arrows passing each other)
  • Refresh: f021 (Two arc arrows in a circle (like transfers)
  • Plus: f067
  • Minus: f068
  • Times (X): f00d
  • Tag: f02b
  • Tags: f02c
  • Institution (Bank): f19c
  • Line Chart (PFM): f201

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